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Living in California takes a hefty chunk of change. The real estate is so expensive that it virtually guarantees at some point you'll need a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Attorney. California isn't the only place with warm weather. Why not try Springfield, Missouri? Springfield, MO is a friendly, thriving city with plenty of job and real estate opportunity for all you go-getters out there plus a safe environment in which to raise your kids. It's a city that has it all, and the real estate agents of Springfield, MO would love to take you on a tour. For those of you who aren't in town, we've created this website to give you an overview of Springfield's industry, entertainment venues, health care system, and schools. So sit back and let us take you on a virtual tour of Springfield, Missouri.

Springfield, Missouri: The Queen City of the Ozarks

Located on the Springfield Plateau, which is rich in natural streams and native greenery and framed by a backdrop of the Ozark Mountains, lies the city of Springfield, Missouri. It is the seat of Greene County and the third largest city in the state with an estimated population of 154,000. In recent years Springfield has been distinguished several times for its quality of life. It is one of the 100 Best Communities for Young People, one of the Best Performing Cities for Creating Jobs, a World Health Organization Safe Community, and one of the Best Mid-Sized Metros for Recruitment and Attraction in the business world.

Top employment sectors in Springfield, MO are health care, education, government, tourism, business, and manufacturing. The city is home to four hospitals, a major public university, and a host of smaller colleges and technical institutes. There are several major companies with operations in the area, including Bass Pro Shops, Kraft Foods, Northrop Grumman, and St. John's Health System.

The National Parks Association has given Springfield's park system a Gold Medal and the city received the distinction of being on the Sports Illustrated Sportstown USA list for its citizens' devotion to sport and active lifestyles. History buffs will enjoy the many museums and historical sites in the area, many of which are preserved for their connection to the civil war, while arts lovers will be pleased to find so many theaters and music halls.

Neighborhoods and Home Styles in Springfield, MO

If you're thinking of moving your family to Springfield, Missouri you're not the only one. Recently Worldwide ERC has rated the city among the best cities for relocating families. If you choose to become one of the many new families joining the Springfield fold every year, you'll be pleased to know that the city has many different styles of home in a wide variety of neighborhoods, giving you more choice than many other cities of its size. You can get a brand new loft or condo in the modern style, a sprawling suburban home in a funky 70s style, a quaint riverside cottage nestled in the woods, and everything in between!

Downtown is a neighborhood that has seen a lot of improvements in the last few years, and is now a hotspot for upscale restaurants, clubs, bars, performing arts venues, offices, and brand new lofts. If downtown living isn't your thing, there a number of quieter neighborhoods in midtown and beyond which were the original suburbs for the city of Springfield back when suburbs first became popular in the 1950s. Since then the neighborhood-scape has expanded ever outward into the surrounding forests. The city now covers over 70 square miles, with the newest suburbs forming the outer ring. As you can see from some of the names like Grant Beach, Kingsbury Forest, Lakewood Village and Woodland Heights, many of these neighborhoods still retain a connection to the natural greenery of the Ozarks.

As far as supporting yourself goes, the cost of living in Springfield, Missouri is 80.7, less than the national average of 100. The average single family home costs around $132,000 while condos and town houses range from $98,000 to $263,000 on average. Average rents are about $580 per month.

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Whether you're going to buy a Toronto condo or move to Springfield, there's no one better suited to help you than a real estate agent. Going it alone can be tough, especially given how complex the paperwork can be, the fiddly nature of home inspections, and the difficulty of placing homes in context when you don't know the area. That's why we heartily recommend that you contact one of our real estate agents if you're thinking of going ahead with the purchase of a property in Springfield, MO.

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